Malawian Sheikhs fail to agree on Eid Adhuha Day

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) and council of Muslim Theologians Majilis Ulama have again left Muslims in suspense after failing to give a verdict on the actual date of Eid Adhuha in the country.

This is following an emergency meeting which took place at Kameza Training Centre in Blantyre on Monday where the sheikhs failed to reach a consensus on whether Eid should be prayed on Saturday or Sunday.

The Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia announced that pilgrims will go to Mount Arafah on Friday which means that Muslims across the globe are supposed to fast on the same day and perform Eid Adhuha the following morning.

However, up to this date, there has been no any official report from National Ru’yat Hilaal an organisation which was endorsed by MAM, Limbe Muslim Jamaat, Majilis Ulama and other organisations to be responsible for the announcement of the Eid celebrations and sighting of the moon.

For the past three years, there have been confusions in terms of these prayers of which the ulama have been failing to agree on what to follow regarding determination of the Day of Arafah.

“Muslims fast when people are on Mount Arafah performing hajj rituals in order to gain the same blessings like the pilgrims. In this case, the day of Arafa is on Friday as announced by hajj ministry in Saudi Arabia. However, MAM and Majilis have chosen to remain silent on the issue to avoid bringing further confusion,” said the source that opted for anonymity.

According to the source, the meeting agreed that two organisations will give their final position on the issue after the prayers.

Meanwhile, some sheikhs in MAM and Majilis Ulama have been accused of playing double standards – that is why they are failing to give their actual position on the matter.

“Their silence also means creating further confusion to other ordinary Muslims who depend on them to know when to pray Eid. So, why are they failing give their position now? What are they afraid of?” asked a highly charged prominent Muslim who also opted for anonymity.


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