Muslims in Mangochi Stronghold Endorse Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad

In the tireless efforts of promoting Islam in Malawi, Muslims in Mangochi cast their allegiance to the current Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) leader Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad, endorsing him to continue as chairman with his visionary leadership.

The Association’s chair in Mangochi Sheikh Adam Imran proclaimed the allegiance on the occasion where MAM national Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad was handing over a newly constructed Chiponda Masjid in the area of Traditional Authority Namavi in the district.

Sheikh Adam Imran; Mangochi MAM Chairman speaking during the event

“Since time immemorial, as MAM  was established in Malawi, to spearhead Islamic work, years ago, no leadership contributed greatly to the development of Islam as Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad is doing so far,” said Imran.

“Many have ruled MAM, however, Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad is exceptionally good as it seems he took the mantle of leadership with a vision at hand. Honestly he had something to deliver for the Muslim Ummah. Today the Muslims of Chiponda in Mangochi are receiving a new Masjid, this is just part of the lined up developmental programs the current MAM chair is hoping to deliver. This position is not a political position, it is a religious position, and we propose that the current leadership should continue and am asking you people of Mangochi to make it during the elections which are scheduled later  in a year,” said Imram.

In his speech, Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad said his plans are always of finding the way on how he can take Islam in Malawi to a better and recognizable status as oppose to the status quo. He said, he will not relent, and that Islam and Muslims will develop in Malawi, Allah’s wills.


MAM National Chairman Sheikh Muhammad officially opening Chiponda Masjid in Mangochi

Muhammad said, he has no time to argue with other people but concentrating on his mission of transforming the mind set on Non-Muslims who were thinking that Muslims couldn’t do any development in their community and to the nation at large.

“I know there are other people who are not appreciating to whatever I am doing and its natural, however I will concentrate on my role as a leader with the focus to achieve something meaningful, I want to develop Islam in all.”

New Chiponda Masjid initiated by MAM and funded by African Continent Committee of Revival Heritage Society based in Kuwait

“I will never get tired of this mission and I will continue working hand in hand with the government to reduce some of the challenges Malawians are facing in the country and I can assure you that I have secured a lot of donors who have promised to assist us at anytime, today we are here to officially handover this Masjid to the people of Chiponda area. This Masjid has been constructed with the funds from the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society which is based in Kuwait. The number of developments coming are many,” said the MAM National Chairman.

School blocks which is also constructed by MAM

He however asked the general public to take good care of all the facilities provided by MAM saying this will even motivate the association to continue providing these development facilities across the country.

The Muslim leader in the country also assured people in Mangochi district as well as the whole nation that he will continue distributing the relief items to the people who have no food until the next harvesting season.

Sheikh Muhammad doing a symbolic presentation of clothes to madrassah children at Chiponda Masjid donated by Dubai Charity Association

“We know that there is hunger in Malawi, therefore as an association will not just look at it but we will take an action to change the situation.” Said Sheikh Muhammad.

one of the vehicles which was on Convoy during the National Chairman tour in Mangochi

Speaking during the colorful event which was attended by different civil servants including members of parliament from three constituencies in the district, Hon Abubakar M’baya a legislator for Mangochi North-East constituency on behalf of all other law makers appreciated Sheikh Muhammad for considering his constituency and asked the National Chairman to fulfill his promise of bringing the relief items to the people of Mangochi district.

Mangochi South-East Parliamentarian Abubakar M’baya speaking during the event

Muslim Association of Malawi apart from constructing Chiponda Masjid, is also constructing a secondary school which is already on roofing stage and MAM is also planning of constructing a clinic on the same place.

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