MAM Advices Chakwera Administration to Avoid Opening Malawi Embassy in Jerusalem

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has advised Malawi President Dr Lazarus Chakwera to review his decision of opening Malawi Embassy in a conflict prone holy city of Jerusalem in Israel.

In a statement issued by MAM seen by Malawi Muslim Website,the move to open an Embassy in the city has more disadvantages than advantages to the country.

“With the belief that one of the ways of supporting government of the day is to advise the President on, inter alia, matters of national interest, the Muslim Association of Malawi as a spokesorgan of Muslims therefore, would like to ask the government to review the issue of opening the embassy in Jerusalem as per recent SONA,”

“We are aware of the importance of strengthening our relationship with other countries and the role it can play in bringing some positive change to the lives of Malawians,” reads a statement.

MAM believes that the disadvantages that would ensue as a result of the timing of the move, could outweigh by far its advantages.

“In that, some of the disadvantages
include the following: It is not preferable for our country to openan embassy in Jerusalem as it may open a Pandora’s Box and attract some unprecedented deplorable consequences,”

“Some assistances that Malawi used to benefit from the machinery of most of the Islamic governments such as Kuwait Fund, could be suspende Consequently. Islamic charitable organisations that are used toassist this country through Islamic organisations in the education and sanitation infrastructures for instance,will no longer be there,” reads a statement.

MAM in a statement says since the majority of world leaders rejected the decision to recognize Jerusalem
as Israel’s capital, due to conflicts and numerous atrocities
perpetrated against Palestinians, opening embassy in Jerusalem
would mean justifying whatever criminal acts taking place in that territory.

“On the other hand, many countries would hesitate to open their doors for us, as they would consider us taking sides by supporting the minority in the issue at hand,”

“Our advice to the President in this regard, is that the government should maintain the status quo in its long time relationship with Israel by making use of Israel’s non-resident ambassador to Malawi, who is based in Nairobi, Kenya or in other close countries as it
does with other countries that do not have their embassies here,”

“If Malawi has to open an embassy in Jerusalem,doing so now may be ill-timed strategy for its interests. What could be strategic is to join the position of the bulk of the international community in the issue of establishing diplomatic relationship with Israel Tel Aviv,”reads a statement.

Last week, Palestine penned Malawi President , Dr Lazarus Chakwera to reverse his plan of opening Malawi Embassy in the Holy City of Jerusalem in Israel.

Dr. Chakwera’s plan to have embassy in the city has meet strong resistance within and outside the country.

The Palestinian’s President Special Envoy, Hanan Jarrar last Wednesday delivered a letter to President Chakwera from Palestinian Government asking him to reverse his decision on the Embassy.

Jarrar upon his arrival in the country said any step taken to establish a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem constitutes a violation of relevant United Nations resolutions.

If Chakwera’s plan will be actualised, Malawi would become the first African nation to have an Embassy in Jerusalem.

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