MAM Chairman Sheikh Idrissah Muhammad Attending High Level Conference in Egypt

The National Chairman of Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Sheikh Idrissah Muhammad is set to attend the 33rd International Conference of Muslim Scholars in Egypt.

Speaking in an interview with Muslim Media Agency, during the high level conference slated for tomorrow, 24th- 25th September, 2022, Sheikh Muhammad will also present his paper.

Meanwhile , the MAM Chairman had already met high profile people such as Egyptian Minister of Endowment and some prominent scholars in the country.

As a matter of bringing development to the country, Sheikh Muhammad is also set to meet leaders of charitable organizations in Egypt.

Upon his arrival today, the leader of Muslims in Malawi was welcomed by the President of Scholars in Egypt who is also the Secretary General of the Ministry of Endowment, Dr Muhammad Alizzah. Sheikh Muhammad also met senior officials from the Embassy of Malawi in Egypt Sheikh Shaib Nzoma and Sheikh Abdullah Omar.

The high level conference will be officially opened by the President of Egypt His Excellency Abdul Fattah Asisi.

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