MAM does it again in Chikwawa

The teaching of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says that a voice was once heard commanding a cloud to irrigate a man’s garden. When the man was asked what he did with the garden, he replied that he estimated the produce of his garden. Then he distributed one-third to charity, kept one-third for himself and his family, and invested one-third back into the garden.

Just as God Almighty sent a cloud for this man who gave to the poor, God Almighty will also provide for us in miraculous ways if we give what we love for the pleasure of God and in the service of mankind.

This is what motivates Muslim Association of Malawi current leadership, which repeatedly takes action of assisting the poor and the marginalized in many parts of Malawi. One of such areas include the recent distribution of relief items to one thousand household in Chikwawa district, which took place at Mambala primary school, traditional authority Ngabu.

This is not the first time of its donation, in 2015 MAM also made donation of maize worthy 10 million Malawi kwacha to people affected by Floods.

relief items is much needed in Chikwawa more than elsewhere in the country-Watch

Speaking during the donation MAM Secretary General Sheikh Stoti Watch said Chikwawa district, was heavily affected by floods last year, and it is only ideal for charity organizations to give its consideration as a way of easing the hardships of the people.

“We decided to return back to Chikhwawa district considering last year’s impact of floods, which left thousands homeless, gardens washed away, and that the need for relief items is much needed more than elsewhere in the country” said sheikh Watch.  

we are committed to prolong our aid to the people of Malawi-Aleinati 

Speaking to the press a representative of the Donor Aid in Kuwait Sheikh Jassim Muhammad Aleinati who is also the Chairman for the African Continent Committee of Revival Heritage Society said he decided to attend the donation presentation to assess the hunger situation in the district and assured more support from his country.

“We have been assisting people in the country and we are committed to prolong our aid to the people of Malawi. We are powered with the existing cordial relationship between Kuwait and the government of Malawi. So we will work as one country, one family.” Said Aleinati

its my sincere hope that they will continue assisting my constituents and others-Abudul Karim

Member of Parliament of Chikwawa South Constituency Illiasa Abudul Karim who was among the delegation commended the current MAM leadership a blessing to the country.

“I am much honored to see my people receiving such a valuable donation of the time, let me thank them for remembering my constituents, it’s my sincere hope that they will continue doing so to my area and other parts of Malawi,” said Abudul Karim.


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