MAM Donate Maize to 800 Families in Chikwawa

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has donated maize to 800 families in Chikwawa district.

The distribution ceremony took place on Saturday at St. Mathews Primary School in the area.

According to MAM project Manager, Sheikh Farook Chibaya, the donation is worth 2.4million kwacha and the funds came from Kuwait based Revival of the Islamic Heritage Society – Africa continent committee.

“We targeted this area because it is one of the areas that are hit with floods every rainy season. So, every year our donors make budget for this area,” said Sheikh Farook.

In his remarks Member of Parliament of the area Zaheer Issa thanked MAM for the assistance.

“This donation is timely. It comes at a time when we needed it most because people failed to harvest due to the army worms that hit our fields during the last season, leaving other homes with hunger,” he said.

Honourable Zaheer also urged government and other non government organisations to do the same, saying there are still other people in the area who need the assistance.

Speaking before the ceremony, Sheikh Al-Uteibey from Kuwait asked people in the area to put God first on everything. He said people have to do good deeds as that is the only thing that can bring them closer to Allah.

He said: “We are all poor in the eyes of Allah. If there is something that separates us is our deeds. Therefore, we need to do what Allah commanded us such as pray five times a day, fasting in the month of Ramadan, pay zakaat among others. This is the only thing that can bring us closer to Him.”

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