MAM Hails Mtambo’s Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has commended President Dr Lazarus Chakwera for setting up Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity that has roles in line with Islamic teachings.

MAM commended Chakwera in a statement issued advising Malawi Government not to open Malawi Embassy in Jerusalem.

According to MAM, the Ministry which is currently headed by Timothy Mtambo is doing a commendable job in uniting Malawians.

“The Muslim Association of Malawi would like to commend your visionary leadership in the government of Tonse Alliance for the excellent performance so far, that is self-evident on the ground. Your cabinet is working relentlessly to ensure that Malawi turns to be a better place where everyone
feels accommodated equally without any discrimination based on any ground,”

“One of the areas your Excellency have already excelled, is the Ministry of Civic Education and Unity that works hard to unify Malawians as one nation. This move by the government is
inline with what religious institutions preach to their followers,” says MAM in a statement.

A statement issued by MAM seen by Malawi Muslim Website reads that the move to open an Embassy in the city has more disadvantages than advantages to the country.

“With the belief that one of the ways of supporting government of the day is to advise the President on, inter alia, matters of national interest, the Muslim Association of Malawi as a spokesorgan of Muslims therefore, would like to ask the government to review the issue of opening the embassy in Jerusalem as per recent SONA,”

“We are aware of the importance of strengthening our relationship with other countries and the role it can play in bringing some positive change to the lives of Malawians,” reads a statement.

MAM believes that the disadvantages that would ensue as a result of the timing of the move, could outweigh by far its advantages.

“In that, some of the disadvantages
include the following: It is not preferable for our country to openan embassy in Jerusalem as it may open a Pandora’s Box and attract some unprecedented deplorable consequences,”

“Some assistances that Malawi used to benefit from the machinery of most of the Islamic governments such as Kuwait Fund, could be suspende Consequently. Islamic charitable organisations that are used toassist this country through Islamic organisations in the education and sanitation infrastructures for instance,will no longer be there,”reads a statement.

Chakwera wish to open Malawi Embassy in Jerusalem is meeting mixed reactions in the country and abroad.

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