MAM Takes Legal Action Against Removal of Qur’an Billboard


Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) says it has engaged its legal team to take a legal against removal of a billboard erected by Islamic Information Bureau (IIB) aimed at promoting the Holy Qur’an in Blantyre.

MAM Spokesperson Sheikh Dinala Chabulika says the removal of the billboard is not in line with the constitution of the country that promotes freedom of religion.

Last night , Blantyre City Council had removed the billboard after receiving complaint from Evangelical Association of Malawi claiming that it had offensive and insensitive words that could incite violence.

Earlier this morning, the Chairman of Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom (ICJF) Shaibu Ajassie said Muslims in the country can no longer watch when their rights are violated.

According to Ajassie, it is wrong to remove a billboard which had no any offensive language.

“Enough is enough . Muslims in the country can’t just sit down and watch such things happening. Malawi Muslims should rise up and speak their voices,”

“Recently, we were arguing on wearing hijaab in schools and now we are talking of a billboard. There are some Christians who do not want to see Islam but the religion is going nowhere,” Ajassie said.