MAM to translate Al-Quran in all local languages

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has revealed its plan to continue translating Quran in other local languages in the country.

Currently, there is only Chichewa translation of the Holy book which was done by late sheikh Khalid Ibrahim.

Chichewa is the official local language in Malawi and MAM want to continue the project by translating the book into other 8 languages. Meanwhile, the translation team, which consists of 15 sheikhs has started translating the book into Yao language.  Yao, is the second largest language from Chichewa and is mainly spoken by people in the Eastern region, a Muslim predominant area.

According to one of the sheikhs,  Sheikh Muhammad Uthman, once completed, the project will help much in propagating the religion of Islam in the country.

“We believe that a lot of people who are non Muslims will be reached and eventually understand what the Holy book is all about hence reverting to the true religion. These translations will also work to the great advantage of our fellow Muslims because most of us do not know how to read in Arabic language, let alone understanding it,” Uthman said.

Meanwhile, the sheikh has appealed for financial support from the Muslim community for the initiative to be viable. He said as of now the  publication of the Quran with a translation in Yawo language has stalled due lack of funds.




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