Mangochi Residents Equipped with Petrolatum and Soap Manufacturing Skills

Yesterday, Mr. AbdulRasheed Jannah who is a Malawian based in Cape Town , South Africa through his Hajji Nazeer and Naseema Education Centre bankrolled a training aimed at equiping residents at Kassim village,Senior Chief Chowe in Mangochi district with skills on how to manufacture petroleum Jerry lotion and washing bar soap.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Muslim Media Agency, Mr. Jannah says they have so far trained over ten people and planning to increase the number in the next few days.

“We have started with 10 women and 5 men but we are increasing the number very soon. We have selected people in Kassim village to equip them with skills on how to manufacture petroleum Jerry and washing bar soap so that they can be self- reliant,”Jannah says.

The philanthropist says he is also planning to train other residents of Kassim village on how to make cooking oil.

“The next group will be trained on how to manufacture cooking oil from groundnuts and sunflower. We have cultivated abundant sunflower so that we can train these residents,”he says.

Jannah asks well-wishers to support his initiatives so that many people in the area can benefit. The kind-hearted person believes the trainings are a long lasting solution to solve high levels of unemployment in the area.

“The beneficiaries now can embark on mass production of the products and make profits in return to support their families and contribute to the economy of the country,” he says.

Jannah through his Hajji Nazeer and Naseema Education Centre supports residents of Kassim village in many ways including training them on fertilizer manufacturing processes and tailoring lessons among others.

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