Minister of Information Lauds Radio Islam


Radio Islam has been asked to continue being professional in their programs in order to gain more listenership in the country.

The call was made by Malawi’s Minister of Information Tourism and Culture Kondwani Nankhumwa when he visited Radio Islam studios this morning.

Nankhumwa said that for the government to achieve its mission in developing the country, it needs other stakeholders to also take part.

“In this case we talk of the media houses, which help to publicise the information. Radio Islam is one of those (media) houses which are relied upon by a lot of people in the country in order to access their information,” said the Minister.

He said Radio Islam has (many) good programs which help help in the development of the country and gives a chance to the public to articulate their informed decisions.

“Radio Islam has a large number of good programs which even government officials like, in this case I can give you an example of one program which is called Contemporary Issues; it is a program that provides a chance to Malawians to put forward their views on matters that affect their day to day lives, and that’s what we want in this country,” Nankhumwa said.

Asked how significant it is for the government to work with the media houses, Nankhumwa, who is also the government spokesperson said that there are three branches of government in a democracy but (technically) they are four, the Executive, the Judiciary, the Legislature and the media which acts as a watchdog for members of the public.

He also advised journalists in the country to be honest with the information that they disseminate from their media houses.

“Let me take this opportunity to ask the journalists in the country that our government appreciates the crucial role that the journalists play in the country, by keeping the public informed of what their government is doing, so please make sure that you are doing your jobs professionally so that the country should develop,” he concluded.

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