More Muslims Welcome Mia’s Political Comeback

Random interviews which Malawi Muslim Official Website conducted have shown that more Muslims in the country are happy with the coming back of former Transport Minister Alhaj Muhammad Sidik Mia to frontline politics.

Mia, who has a huge following in the lower shire, revealed his ambition of going back into active politics during the last Holy month of Ramadan and joined the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

He was introduced to the people by MACP’s president Dr Lazarus Chakwera at a political rally held in his strong hold Chikwawa district.

Most of the people that were interviewed favoured Mia to be MCP running in the fourth coming 2019 general election if the party wants to go back in government.

Yusuf Shaibu who resides in Blantyre district said Mia is a well-respected man and his  capabilities over the years has shown that he has some leadership skills and he can do more for the country if given opportunity.

“Mia command a lot of respect not only to the Muslim community but to the nation at large. We have people that have money in this country but they do not share what they have with the poor but they want positions to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor,” he said.

Sister Jamila Lire who is the Secretary for Kanjedza Islamic sisters said she is in support of Mia’s decision because he has sympathy with Islam even without politics.

She said as a nation Malawi have seen a lot of good roads after Mia maintained the Transport Ministry for seven years or more saying that this is a sign that he was potential in that ministry.

“There is a lot that he can contribute both to the Muslims and the country. He also introduced Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) to the Arab World and according to Sheikh Idirssa Muhammad, the Chairman of MAM he is well known on that side,” she said.

She added that he can also help the country in terms of monetary support as the country up to date is failing to support its own budget.

Ibrahim Jenala from Zomba said people should not take things politically but rather look where the country is going because at 53 after independence there is little development that the nation has seen because of greed, corruption and selfishness among our leaders.

He said it is now high time for Malawians to choose people that have passion to help others if the country is to move forward and Mia posses that caliber.

“We were the first to get independence than our neighboring countries but we a lacking behind in terms of development. The problem is because we as nation failed to choose people who have a vision to develop the country like Mia, he said.

Recently, the afro barometer survey favored MCP as the party that can win elections if the elections can be conducted now.

The coming in of Mia is just a plus advantage to MCP, what the party need to do now is to strategize and put its house in order because people are tired of poverty, corruption and being cheated by the leaders the country has now.

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