Muluzi Calls for Unity Among Muslims, Non Muslims in Malawi

Muluzi: Let us unite
Muluzi: Let us unite

Malawi’s former President who is described as a champion of democracy Dr Bakili Muluzi has called on people of different faiths in the country to unite.

The “Political Engineer”, a Muslim himself, pleaded for coexistence among Muslims and Christians and asked them to avoid things that will bring tensions and divisions among them.

“I will not be happy to see what is in Central African Republic (CAR) happening here in Malawi. In CAR Christians and Muslims are fighting due to the lack of tolerance and coexistence, which is not good.

“So, my appeal to all Malawians is that regardless religious affiliations, let us unite and live as one. Coexistence needs to be emphasised,” he told reporters in Blantyre after Meelad-un-Nabi celebrations where he was also in attendance.

Muluzi’s call comes few months after Muslims and Christians collided in Mangochi over the selling of pork at Maldeco Market.

Muslims chased a non Muslim who was selling pork, the matter which made the seller to go and complain in the court of law.

But the court later dismissed the case, saying that all were wrong.

However, the matter which received a condemnation is the declaration which was made by some Muslims in Mangochi through a banner which stated that the district is an Islamic State therefore it won’t allow the selling of forbidden things.

The tensions were high, the country was shaken and it had to take President of the Republic of Malawi Dr Joyce Banda to intervene by courting the members of the clergy in the district and asking them to coexist and avoid any provocative acts.

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