Musanet Elections on January 30th

Jamila Lire

Muslim Sisters Aids Network Association (Musanet) says will hold its elections on January 30th 2011, the association’s chairlady Jamila Lire confirmed to Malawi Muslim Official Website.

“Yes. We can confirm that we are going to conduct our elections at the end of this month,” said sister Lire adding that “preparations have already began.”

When asked why they have decided to conduct elections yet they are just new organisation sister Lire said: ” We want to do our work professionally. We are just on interim basis so it makes our work difficult as we are not there constitutionally. Our constitution tells us that we should conduct elections every three years, so we need people to elect us in free and fair manner.”

However, nobody has not yet shown interest in the contest but the chairlady believes that more people will join the race.

“Currently, I am only one interested in the hot seat but I believe that as we go along people will be coming,” said the chairlady.

Musanet is a newly born Islamic organisation which has just lasted two-and-half years in Malawi and was formed in order to break the silence that was there  among Muslim women about HIV/AIDS pandemic.

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