Musanet Joins Government In The Fight Against Hiv/Aids In Malawi

Muslim Sisters AIDS Network organization (Musanet) has joined Malawian government in fighting HIV/AIDS pandemic.

According to the chair lady, Sister Jameela Lile said the organization was formed in August 2008 with the aim of removing silence among Muslim Women especially when it comes to HIV/AIDS disease.

“The organization was born with the aim of making sure that every Muslim woman is taking part in the battle of fighting this pandemic,” she told Malawi Muslim Online website in an exclusive interview on Sunday during their monthly general meeting.

Sister Lile further said that the organization is targeting all women who are Hiv/aids positive to make sure that they are living a happy life and those who are negative on how they can prevent themselves from falling into the trap.

“We educate all those who are Hiv/Aids on how they can stay a happy life and advising those who are negative what they can do to prevent themselves from contracting this disease.

“We also help orphans whom their parents died because of this disease,” concluded sister Lile.

Meanwhile sister Patricia Anafe, a Musanet member from Chilomoni supporting group did not hold her words but expressing her happiness since joining the organization.

“I am very happy that I am in this group. For the first time I thought that this group was for all those who are Hiv/Aids positive but it is not true. Since I joined this group I have really benefited a lot especially on what we can do to make sure that we are not caught by this deadly disease and what we can do to live a happy life if we found to be positive,” said sister Anafe.

When asked what she is also doing to assist the organization, Sister Anafe said:

“I don’t just stay waiting for the organization to assist me but as a member, I am also taking a part to make this organization successful. For example, when a member of this group got sick in my area I try to report the matter to head office because I believe that they cant be following what is happening in each and every area,” concluded sister Anafe.

Sister Jamilla Muli from Bangwe supporting group said this group has increased her knowledge about the pandemic and she is looking forward to help her friends in her area.

She also advised all Muslim sisters who have not yet joined the group saying that the should not be fearing to join the group since is about Hiv/Aids but rather they should know the organization is there for all those who are positive and those who are not.

“I should take this opportunity to ask my fellow Muslim women especially in my area [Bangwe] who have not yet joined this group that they should come and join us. They should not think that this group is just targeting those with Hiv/Aids only but also those who are not,” said sister Muli.

Lukia Kamwendo from Kachere supporting group who joined this group in 2008 said she has also benefited a lot from this group.

“I have benefited a lot since I joined this group. For example, I have learnt how I can create awareness about the dangerous of this disease in my area as a chair lady of Kachere supporting group,” said sister Kamwendo.

Musanet is currently operating in Blantyre, Malawi with 10 supporting groups but it is expected to reach other areas soon according to the chair lady.

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