Musician Fined MK25,000 For Abusing the Name of Allah

Sheikh uthman: Presided over the tribunal
Sheikh Uthman: Presided over the tribunal

Blantyre District Committee of the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has fined three boys who sang an offensive song “Wallahi,” MK 25,000.00 or in default clean mosques around Makhetha for six weeks for abusing the name of Allah, Malawi Muslims Website has learnt. They failed to pay the fine.

The boys were further ordered they should enroll for madressa until they learn how to recite  Juz Amma before they could reclaim the equipment that was confiscated from them last month.

Speaking to Malawi Muslim Website, MAM Blantyre District chairman  Aman Omar, said that the boys, in the company of their parents, were subjected to a tribunal at the Islamic Information Bureau in Limbe, which was presided over by Sheikh Muhammad Uthman.

“The parents were very remorseful and they supported the outcome of the tribunal…. and were very grateful that their children will now (have a chance of) learning Islam, for the first time in their lives,” explained Omar.

Islamic Information Bureau was given the task of teaching the boys.

Malawi Muslims Website last week reported that Islamic Concern organisation confiscated video equipment for young artists who were found at Plantation House in Blantyre shooting a video for their song “Wallahi” which was deemed to be offensive to Islam.

The confiscated equipment, which includes a video camera, music player and clothes is being kept by Blantyre District Secretary General, Tony Chirambo.

Chirambo further confirmed that even the parents are attending the studies at Limbe Information Bureau in order to learn the basics of Islamic religion and that MAM Blantyre district committee is monitoring the compliance of the verdict.

The artists, Chifundo Malenga 19, Alex Chimasula 16 and Yusuf Lika 19 hail from Machinjiri in the City of Blantyre.


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