Muslim Medical students told to be God fearing

Medical students including from Malawi have been urged to put God first to serve patients well.

The call was made on Friday by Professor Magid Kagimu, PHD, FRCP, Professor of Internal Medicine at Makerere University during the opening of the 18th Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) International students camp at Islamic University in Uganda- Females’ campus.

Professor Kagimu who is also the President of Islamic Medical Association of Uganda said the students as future medical workers, they will supposed to serve patients for the sake of God.

“Your goal is to serve Allah by providing quality health care services to His people which integrate God’s guidance and religiosity in the process. The components of quality religiosity and quality health care are the same,” he said.

Professor Kagimu told the students that the secret in the care of the patient is caring for the Mind, Body and Soul (MBS) of the patient, using an Islamic spirit , Allah’s spirit , which is recognised by tireless efforts, where one cares with patience and perseverance without getting tired.

“It is important to care for the MBS of the patient with the disease than care for the disease the patient has. The care for the disease is largely impersonal, but the care for the patient is entirely personal depending on your Islamic spirit,” he said.

The camp has brought together Muslim medical students from several countries such as Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and Bangladesh.

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