Muslim Students in Blantyre Welcomes Ramadhaan in Style


The Islamic Information Bureau gathered Muslim students in Blantyre to prepare them on how they can maximise the benefits of fasting during the month of Ramadhan. The get-together was held at Iqra Propagation Centre in Blantyre on Saturday 29 June 2013 under the theme “Welcoming Ramadhaan.”

Speaking to Malawi Muslims Website, Limbe Islamic Information Bureau cordinator Sheikh Ahmed Chienda said that the purpose of the gathering was to inculcate the fear of Allah in the students so that they make this year’s fasting a productive one.

“The primary purpose of fasting is to fear Allah as stated in the Holy Quran,” said Sheikh Chienda, “so we want them to understand what is meant by Allah in the Holy Quran so that they should maximise the benefits of fasting.”

In a separate interview, the Bureau’s Youth Desk officer, Abdulhameed Imedi said that they invited over 300 students from all the primary and secondary schools and colleges around Blantyre City to the function and expressed his satisfaction at the turn up.

Among the activities held, were poems, nasheeds and lectures all centered around fasting in the month of Ramadhaan.


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