Muslim Women Organisation Announces Dates for Ijitima 2022

The Muslim Women Organisation in the country has announced the dates for Ijitima 2022 after a two year break due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Muslim Media Agency,the Publicity Secretary of the organisation Sister Shameem Frank Chakwana says the event will take place from Friday, 7th – Sunday, 9th October, 2022 at Dedza Golf Club in Dedza district.

Sister Chakwana says the annual event that has been organised by National Muslim Women Organisation Ijitima Committee in collaboration with the host, Dedza Muslim Women Ijitima Committee will bring together Muslim women from all countries in Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).

“The event will be attended by women from SADC countries. The annual event has been there since 2002.The auspicious event happens every year, only during the COVID-19 period,we stopped and we are resuming this year,”she told Muslim Media Agency.

The publicity secretary says during the event, different Sheikhats will be delivering powerful sermons.

“… and we shall also discuss on how we can develop our families, girl child education, and the family life like how to take care of our husbands and also how to raise the boys into good and responsible husbands,”she says.

Chakwana told Muslim Media Agency that the event will be held under the theme ” To Propagate Islam.”

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