Muslim Women Organization To Hold 2010 Ijtimah in Mangochi

Muslim Women Organisation Team

Muslim Women Organisation (MWO) is preparing to hold this year’s Ijtimah (gathering) in Mangochi District. Last year, the gathering was conducted in Karonga and According to the chair lady of the organising committee sister Asiyatu Lipenga says they have chosen Mangochi District this year because of the availability of the resources.

“We chose Mangochi because there have been a long time since we conducted big Islamic events there. We were supposed to conduct Ijtimah in 2007 or 2008 but due to other problems we failed,” said sister Lipenga.

Muslim Women Organisation also thought it wise that all Muslim women who don’t know Lake Malawi should be given an opportunity to see it this year.

“Mangochi has a beautiful lake which a lot of visitors from outside country come to see but we, the citizens of this country we never visited such beautiful place. So we need to give opportunity to all Muslim women to stand a chance to see the beauty of Lake Malawi,” continued sister Lipenga.

Mwo is expected to spend over MK900, 000.00 on such event and they are appealing all well-wishers to help them with the transport, food or money as the funds they have so far is not adequate to conduct the event of over 5,000 people.

The event is scheduled to start from Friday August 6, 2010 and is expected to finish on Sunday August 8, 2010 with over 5000 people expected to attend.

Many notable Sheikhs and Shehats are expected to attend the event including politicians and business entrepreneurs from all districts in Malawi.

“We expect several sheikhs who know their job including role models from different sectors,” she said.

Muslim Women organization was formed in 1996 after Muslim Association of Malawi decided to separate men and women from such functions due to other ant-Islamic behaviours.

The organization started to conduct such events in 2002 after executive committee was chosen from all regions in Malawi.

Other women who joined the group said they have so far started benefiting and sister Lipenga assures them that they should expect a lot from this year’s Ijtmah.

“Before organizations like this came it was difficult to differentiate between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim woman. But now you can see the way Muslim women are dressing, very smart and classic that you can easily tell. Apart from this, women now have also confidence because they know that they can stand on their own without just depending on their husbands. All these, because of these gatherings which teaches also economic empowerment,” continued the chair lady.

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