Muslims Praying in Grass-Thatched Mosque in Machinga

By Davie Katuli

Muslims at Swala Village , Traditional Authority Nyambi in Machinga district have asked well-wishers to build for them a modern mosque.

The Muslims say the current mosque is small and grass-thatched.

Group village headman Swala says, he needs a new mosque in the area to allow Muslims do Ibaadah in a safe place.

“We are requesting well-wishers to build for us a new mosque. The current one is old and in a very bad shape, ” the chief said during a Dawah program held last Friday in the area.

The chief added that area has a lot of Muslims hence the need for a modern and bigger mosque.

“This area has seven villages with no mosque so if we can have one here, all these Muslims can be assisted, ” he said.

Muslims in the area say they are ready to partner with the well-wishers in the construction of the mosque.

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