Muslims Seek Divine Intervention on Malawi’s Persistent Fuel Crisis

Muslims in Malawi took advantage of Eid-ul- adha prayers to ask Allah to ease the persistent fuel problem the country is facing.

The Southern African nation which is one of the poorest countries in the world, has for several months now, been facing shortage fuel which the authorities are attributing it to lack of enough forex to buy the commodity outside the country.

The problem has led the country to see its economy, which for the past three years was growing steadfast affected and life has become expensive since prices of commodities are skyrocketing.

However, in his sermon delivered during eid prayers at Kamuzu stadium deputy chairperson of Supreme Council of Ulammah in Malawi Sheikh Muhammad Uthman asked Allah to save Malawians from the bondage of these myriad economic woes.

“We ask Allah the Almighty to help us in ending this fuel crisis. We know that it is only Him who can save us from these difficulties,” he said.

The fuel shortage is one of the reasons that prompted Malawi’s Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to hold mass demonstrations on July 20 2011.

The demonstrations led to looting, arson and death of 19 people after what seemed to be peaceful protests turned into violent.

“As Muslims, we need to take advantage of this Eid festival to pray for our nation. Allah already gave us a chance that if we ask Him, He will grant us what we have asked,” said Uthman.

Furthermore, Sheikh Uthman asked Muslims to refrain from oppressing each other saying it is against the teachings of Islam and urged them not allow someone to oppress them.

Meanwhile Muslims are expected to celebrate this festival for three days, a season characterised by slaughtering of animals.

Reporting by Ali Blessings Idi and Marshall Dyton


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