Muslims Shun Swaliheena Fundraising Show

Shunned: Almost empty hall

Swaliheena Institute for Muslim Affair’s (SIMA) quest to reach the needy for in this holy month of Ramadan hit a snag when their fund raising show raised about K75, 000 only. The outcome was due to poor turn out at Soche technical college hall. Speaking after the function the secretary of the organisation says that he was disappointed with the outcome.

“We are very concerned with the turn out of people. We are looking for MK500, 000 to enable us travel to Mzuzu to cheer the needy on the day of EID. With this turn out I don’t know what kind of society that we have that does not want to support youth activities,” said Mkwanda.

He still believe that nevertheless they will make sure that they reach their target of MK500 000.

“Maybe people did not come because mostly we were targeting the youth who are busy preparing for examinations as you know this is Malawi School Certificate of Education examination period. We will distribute fundraising forms to our members. We will give target to all our members to raise about K15, 000 each. But also we are asking the general public to come in and assist us in this initiative,” he said.

Ishmail Katawala performing at the function

In his remarks the guest of honour Isaac “jomo” Osman says he was happy to be invited to be the guest of honour at the function. The popular football sports fan said that he will do some thing for the organisation to fulfill their plans.

“My real name is Isihaaq but people just call me Isaac…. I will contribute MK50, 000 towards the initiative. I come from an Islamic family and my father was a sheikh. I will also organize a big Islamic show at a maybe Robins Park so that people should also know that Muslims have talent that is worth pointing at. I want people to see Chitemwe at Robins Park. I will fully sponsor that function,” he said.

A flop at the Islamic fundraising show by Swaliheena is the second in just a two weeks period. Two weeks ago Firdausi Muslim Youth had a miserable function at Blantyre Lodge when they raised only MK40, 000 meant for returnees at Chileka and Lirangwe in Blantyre.


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