MUSYO Laments High Rate of Girls Who Drop Out of School

Jameelah Shareef

The Muslim Sisters Youth Organisation (MUSYO) is concerned with the high rate at which girls drop out of school in Malawi.

The concern was expressed by the MUSYO Eastern Region Chairlady Jameelah Shareef at a girls’ Get-together gathering that they organised at Zomba High School on Saturday February 25, 2012 under the theme “Motivation of Girls to Higher Education.”

Shareef attributed the reason for the high drop outs as due to the incidences of early pregnancies, which she said is frustrating the efforts of educating a girl child in the country.

Shareef said that her organisation is worried that despite the numerous opportunities that are currently available to Muslim girls in the country, the said opportunities go unutilised due to the unavailability of Muslim girls to take them.

“Last time MUSYO was asked to provide names of six girls who had done well in science subjects to be awarded with full scholarships to study nursing at the College of Medicine, but we failed to identify any. We really felt sorry…” decried Shareef.

She further said that there are a lot of scholarships that are available to Muslim girls in the country and the onus is on the girls to do well in class so that they fully benefit from them.

On peer pressure, the Chairlady advised the girls to immediately terminate their relationships with boys and concentrate on building their own future.

“If you know that you have a boyfriend, call him now … and tell him that it’s over.” said Shareef.

“The sugar daddies are on the loose, hunting for virgins like you, shun them… they will only destroy your future.

“There is this one girl who after writing her MSCE thought that she had accomplished her goal… she started sleeping around with men and got herself pregnant and when the results of the exams came out, she had scored about 10 points. To make matters worse, when she went for ante-natal she was found with HIV…. she ended up at the mental hospital.

“Therefore, the future is in your hands, to listen to MUSYO’s advice and succeed in life.” advised the Chairlady

Muslim Sisters Youth Organisation is a nation Muslim NGO that was formed in order to motivate the Muslim girls to pursue quality education in the country.

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