NIFA Applauds MAM

Nikka and other Islamic Functions Association (NIFA) has described as beneficial to be Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) affiliate.

NIFA Chairman Aman Kunje was speaking this in Blantyre saying his organization has benefited a lot for a short period of time it has been working with MAM.

“We have been working with MAM for close to one year but I can describe this period as great to NIFA because of the support we are getting from MAM since whenever we are having the functions like this one, they come in and support,” he said.

Kunje said he never knew that it is good to work with the Muslims Mother body and promised that NIFA will continue working with MAM.

Kunje: Its good to work with MAM 

“MAM has really assisted us in many ways and it is the same organization which has helped us to hold this year’s Eid Prayers on the open ground since it assisted us the other resources like Praying mats which they have just given us that we can be using whenever we are having big functions like these ones.”

He further encouraged other Islamic organizations to come in and start working together with Muslim Association of Malawi since it’s beneficial.

“I would like to ask other Islamic organizations that they should also be MAM affiliates if they want their organizations to benefit and to appreciate the importance of having the mother body in a society because now I understand that you cannot see the benefits of MAM while you are out of it but be part of it then you will feel it,” said the NIFA Chairman.


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