NIFA Condemns giving ultimatum days to President

Leaders in Malawi are chosen through votes especially the President and Members of Parliament to rule the country and the voters trust them that they will do their job during the period given.

These leaders also have the expectations from the public (voters) to support them by working hand in hand in development activities.

No man is an island sometimes our leaders fail to fulfill their promises and this provokes anger among people who rush to demand resignation of our leaders especially the President before their time.

But in Islam, we believe that patience pays as the Board Member of Nikka and other Islamic Functions Associations (NIFA) Sheikh Muhammad Uthman said during the Eid prayers in Blantyre.


Sheikh Uthman: Its time to change our mindset towards our leaders

“We choose our leaders to lead us but it is very sad that people in Malawi have developed a bad tendency of giving ultimatum days to our leaders just because they have failed to fulfill their promise, every month we hear that an organization asking the President to step down for unknown reason and please lest stop it and let them finish the term given and remove them through vote,” he said

Uthman said this deadline disturbs the vision of the leaders and they lose focus and he said as Muslims in the country, they don’t support any organization or an individual who asks the president to resign.

“Our give the Holy Book of Quran always gives us the direction and we know that as Muslims it’s not good the ultimatum days to the president rather than waiting until finishing his term and it’s not good to form the organization with the aims of giving deadline to our leaders lets be civilized and change our mindset.”

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