NIFA For Long Lasting Marriages In Malawi

Nikah and other Islamic Functions Association is asking the youths in Malawi to set Islamic goals when getting married to make life lasting marriages and families, Malawi Muslim Official Website has learnt.

Speaking at the meeting to elect two committees to organize the two nikahs of the Mdala and Chithenga families and Sh Yasin Katungwe and Rajab families, Brother Twaib Lawe said the association is dismayed to learn that some few nikahs the association organized broke before their first anniversary.

Brother Lawe said it is very sad to hear that nikahs of the youths from reputable families that had high class wedding events broke resulting from the troubled bridegrooms.

He advised the bridegrooms that source the partners from the non Islamic backgrounds to teach the brides Islam and groom them to be better wives that they would admire.

Brother Lawe asked the youths to hold on islam and cultural values that will make their marriages a good place to be.

He asked the youths to seek counseling from the sheikhs, association and elders when misunderstandings between the couples erupt.

The nikahs will be officiated between 20th and 26th December this year.

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