Nobody Owns Malawi- PAC Tells Chakwera

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) says the Tonse Alliance Government should not inherit the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Government of taking Malawi as its own property.

The remarks made by PAC Chairperson Monsignor Dr Patrick Thawale during interface meeting with President Dr Lazarus Chakwera at Kamuzu Palace in Malawi’s Capital, Lilongwe.

“Your Excellency, there are three main factors that have affected leadership in Malawi. At the outset, PAC feels that these should be highlighted to you,”

“When one examines past regimes as Presidents settle on their position after being elected , executive arrogance becomes a weapon against those who express divergent views. They feel Malawi is their property and therefore no constructive criticism should be expressed. This attitude ought to be checked because it is one of the biggest problem Malawi has witnessed,” Dr Thawale says.

The Quasi religious group cautioned Tonse Alliance Government that generations have changed and Malawians are not the same they were 10 years ago.

“They have just given you a chance. As an alliance you must stick to the principles and values you agreed to jointly develop this country,”

“During interface meetings on 19 issues in 2014 and 2019, transformative versus transactional leadership was an issue of high priority. Your Excellency, let us avoid doing the same mistakes previous governments made. We have to be transformative so that Malawian can witness change on obvious things,” he says.

Thawale says PAC will not tolerate same old deliberate disregard of rule of law and constitutionalism.

“Let us refrain from nepotism, tribalism and regionalism. Let us appoint capable people coming from even where we have not received more votes. It has been a trend for governments to award positions to people from areas where they amassed more votes. PAC knows that you are aware about these issues. We are just emphasizing so that they are at the back of your mind,” he says.

Thawale says another challenge that has led to the downfall of presidents is believing in ‘backyard cabinets’ which make decisions behind the formal cabinet.

“While it inevitable that each leadership may have people he/she trusts more, too much reliance on ‘backyard cabinets’ may guide you into a wrong direction because of the interest they may have. So Your Excellency be careful of the people who surround you because always they will tell you what you want to hear,”

“Your Excellency , we decided to raise these issues at an early stage like this in order to refresh your memory on critical issues. Every newly elected government hates PAC when we raise issues of national importance, but when in opposition political parties treat us as partners. We have always been treated as political or pro-opposition once we raise issues of national importance to all leaderships. It is our hope that with your leadership it will not be the same old story. To this end, PAC wishes to commend Tonse Alliance for a good start in the few days in office,” he says.

This is the first meeting between PAC and Dr Chakwera since his ascendance to the country’s top office after winning court ordered 23rd June, 2020 Presidential Fresh Polls.

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