Come up with a common shariah approach on Muslim funerals in Malawi – Sheikh Mkwanda

Sheikh Nkwanda
Sheikh Mkwanda: Shariah approach is needed

One of the renown sheikhs in Malawi, sheikh Abubakar Muhammad Nkwanda has asked the Ulema Council in Malawi to come up with a common shariah position regarding topical issues like the bathing of a deceased body, singing at funeral ceremonies and distribution of deceased property, to avoid dividing the ummah at a critical need.

The call was made during a dual faceted function of Jalasa for madrassa women and youngsters, and donation presentation to the poor elderly people of Soche Hill and surrounding area that took place on 22nd December, 2013 at Omeni Ground near Soche Quarry Market in Blantyre.

“Insignificant as they would appear, these are very important areas that requires a consensus among the ulema in Malawi as quickly as possible. There is a lot of bickering and in-fighting on a daily basis among Muslims on how to perform certain funeral rites,” observed by sheikh Mkwanda, “yet there are authentic books by credible sources that can be researched and clear all the misunderstandings.”

Speaking also at the same function, sheikh Ahmad Chienda advised the children to attend madressa and secular education in order to become influential citizens in the country.

“One salaat for a learned person is 1,000 times more rewarding that a prayer by unlearned person,” advised sheikh Chiyenda, who is the coordinator for Blantyre Islamic Information Bureau.

The youthful sheikh went on to emphasize the need to acquire knowledge at a younger age, because children have no obstructions in their daily lives as is the case with elders who have to run around in order to make a living.

Sheikh Chienda further went to on to mention the benefits of sending children to madressa as the knowledge gained will not only benefit them in this world but also the hereafter.


During the same function, the newly formed Soche Al Jitihad Muslim Youth also donated clothes and soap to 13 poor elderly Muslims selected from their community. The donation was sourced from Muslim well wishers in Blantyre.


The new group plans continue assisting the orphans, the needy and the elderly in their programs.

Among the activities performed on the day were Qur’an recitation and narrations from hadeeth, sira, fiqh among others.

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