#Opinion; Is Chakwera, Chilima’s Visit to Nkhotakota Relief to M5 Road?

The past two weeks, have been great for the people of Nkhotakota district as two top Government officials passed through the M5 road.

The President and the Vice President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Dr Saulos Chilima respectively interracted with people from the district in two separate occasions.

Dr Chilima was the first one to visit the district last week when he went to inspect a road project in the district while Dr Chakwera visited the district yesterday when he was coming from launching this year’s National Tree Planting Season in Nkhatabay district.

I am so grateful that the two great politicians had a chance to witness how bad the M5 road is . I am certain that this is not the first time for the two to use the road but the recent trips are extraordinary as they are the ones controlling the Capital Hill.

I am sure that the two great men saw the single lane bridges and bad shape of the M5 road despite its economic contribution to the countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Nkhotakota has Illovo Sugar Company and I know that you can’t sweat to calculate to figure out the economic significance of the company. Probably, Illovo Sugar Company contributes a lot to our GDP but is is worrisome that the road that is bringing millions into the Msonkho House has been neglected by the past Governments.

Yesterday , Dr Chakwera had to stop at Chamakuyu Single Lane bridge. I am sure he saw how dangerous the bridge is. I am sure that Tonse Alliance Government will act to see this vital road in good shape.

Nkhotakota has productive soil and feeds the Capital city , Lilongwe and Commercial City, Blantyre with best rice. These business people are greatly contributing to the economic development of the county.

In fact, M5 road from Salima district to Nkhotakota district needs urgent intervention. The road is very important and ignoring may seem unrealistic expectation to see economic boom.

During the rainy season, the bad shape of the road worsens and this also shrinks the economic exceptions of the country from the Lakeshore district. It is not too late to bring air to the road.

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