Opinion: Islam Teaches Love


The beautiful religion of Islam is complete. It has all the ingredients for a human being to be successful in this life and life hereafter.

The religion teaches love for one another either one is a fellow Muslim or not. It is sad to note that some Muslims in the country turn against fellow Muslims to diminish their reputation in the society.

It is worrisome to note that some Muslims use social media to castigate fellow Muslims who are politicians, artists and human rights defenders among others for their dress code or ideologies.

As Muslims , we have proper channels to address issues. It is an absurd to use social media when addressing a vice done by our fellow Muslim. What do we want to benefit? Do we need to ashame our fellow Muslims?

It is high time we must use Islamic approaches to advise a fellow Muslim whom we think is off-track. We are all human beings and we are bound to make mistakes. Allah is saying in the holy Qur’an that every son of Adam is a sinner and the good ones are those who ask forgiveness from Him (Allah).

Castigating fellow Muslims on social media can’t address the issue. Do we want non-Muslims think that we are divided? Muslims are known for peace and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told us to love one another.

The prophet Muhammad (SAW) said Muslims across the world are brothers and sisters and how can we use social media to attack our fellow brother or sister because he/she has done something not okay? It is high time Malawi Muslims should adopt Islamic ways of solving issues.

There are Muslim organisations that we can consult to solve our issues. We should be very proud to have Muslim Members of Parliament (MPs) especially women. These MPs make us proud and it is not Islamic to turn against them. We have Muslim technocrats in various professions and we should be proud to have them. They are representing us well.

If we are not okay with something done by a fellow Muslim, it is good to address the issue amicably. We should refrain from using social media to embarrass our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

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