Organisation Drills Borehole in Balaka District: Urges Organisations to Develop Rural Areas

International organization called Hilal Afrika in partnership with Islamic Foundation For Development (IFFD) has called on charitable organizations to intensify rural development initiatives.

Hilal Afrika a non-profit making organization has called upon other organizations in the country to consider constructing developmental structures in the remote areas of the country.

Umut Turan, the chairperson of the organisation made the call at Uli village in the area of Sub-Traditional Authority Chimatiro in Balaka District where the organization handed over a borehole to the community.

Speaking at the function Turan said, going around the remote areas of Malawi there are who struggling to get the basic needs such as water, soap, shelter and food just to mention a few few. As such we ask other organizations to come to the rescue of these people, collectively we can make their lives better.

“I have been in this country close to a month now and I have travelled to different remote areas including Makanjira, Salima, Nkhotakota, Machinga and Balaka where we are today, but am telling you people are struggling to make a living in this country, sometimes you visit an area and you see the struggles you feel like dropping a tear and when you go to another you will feel like there’s a competition for struggles but no that’s the reality on the ground. So I urge well wishers and other organizations to work hand in hand in order to reach out to these people and solve some of their problems.” Turan said

In her remarks, group village Uli who poured water on herself out of excitement said she was delighted to see a borehole constructed in her area describing it as a long life dream.

“I have never imagined that one day my people would be able to draw water from a well constructed borehole in my village, I now realize the dream I have always prayed for, may the lord reward you and those who have made this happen. We used to draw water from the river and wells that gets dry during the dry period, if you were to visit us in dry season you will find yourselves crying for us after seeing what we go through to get water.”said Uli

Esnart Saidi a resident from Uli village said she will guard the facility as she does not want to travel long distances again to liwawazi river to fetch water.

“If I was a man I would be sleeping here to provide maximum security to this borehole, because I know if we don’t take care of this blessing we will end up going back to the old way of fetching water as a result I ask my fellow users to take of this this for the benefit of all of us.” Esnart explained

Collectively, Hilal Afrika has constructed 7 boreholes in 4 districts of Salima, Nkhotakota, Balaka and Zomba and has also paid school fees to secondary and tertiary students amounting to 6 Million Kwacha.

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