Over 500 hundred people reverted to Islam in 3 months

National Dawah Association in Malawi has described the year 2016 as a progressive year, as they record 500 hundred people reverting to Islam within a time space of three months.

The President of the Association, Sheikh Ali Abudu disclosed to Malawi Muslims Official Website, saying this is a tremendous record achieved by the association in the recent time.

“We have started very well in this year, whereby 150 people joined Islam in Chitukula in Lilongwe district in January and in February, 220 people embraced Islam  in Neno and 30 people reverted to Islam in Zomba including Group Village Headman Mponda,” Said Sheikh Abudul.

The President said the association is aiming at increasing the number of Muslims in the country by   90% to current total population of Muslims in Malawi.

“We are working tirelessly, despite limited resources. Our aim is to make sure that everyone in the country knows Islam as religion and achieve a 90% increase by 2020 and we are determined just to achieve that given the rightful resources,” he said.

Sheikh Abudul also thanked other Islamic organizations like Al-Barakah Charity Trust and Zam Zam Foundation for their support in providing Islamic education and other necessities like food to those who revert to Islam.

However, he said there are a number of challenges the Association is facing which are hindering their mission.

The Dawah Association lament that transportation is a major hick-up limiting them achieving high numbers of reverts. They challenge that with reliable means of transportation achieving 90% increase cannot be just a dream but a reality.


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