Padziwe Digital Library, the Hope for MSCE and IGCSE Students

Technology is a tool for development in a country. Countries like United States of America even United Kingdom are rich just because of the innovative technologies they use. Even the Government of Malawi is forcing a lot of companies and organizations to engage in technology and currently we have seen the government commanding the media houses to change their transmission system from analog to digital. Technology has changed the environment even in office, important information is stored in computers for easy access and safe keeping.

Technology has also changed education circle in terms of research. A lot of information can be accessed on internet especially those who are doing different courses in different colleges. But this development is affecting very much on education at senior secondary level which is Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Some students can access some information on internet but is always not enough and it costs a lot to get this information on top of that; it is limited to those in rural areas where there is no network.

U.S. President Barrack Obama said “Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

With that encouraging quote, a group called Padziwe Systems has developed education software which is called Padziwe Digital Library and it contains 9 subjects at senior secondary level to change different things in secondary education.

Padziwe in Action

According to one member of Padziwe Systems Ishmael Ntenje, they decided to come up with the software to reduce many challenges students face during their education.

“We have developed Padziwe digital library to develop the country with an innovative technology in education which will be used by students in many ways. Once it is installed in a computer, they will be able to read the texts of different books, appreciating different process of systems which occur within our body like digestive system and others through video and slides, this will motivate them to read more,” said Ntenje.

This seems to be a welcome development to this country, but how will this development reach out to the schools which are in rural areas?

In his response to this question Ntenje said: “We are asking government and Non Governmental Organization including religious organizations to take part in constructing more computer labs for the betterment of the students in accessing the software across the country.”

“The other good thing with this software is that it will reduce the problems of pupil – teacher ratio which is a major problem in most of the government institutions since one can teach him/herself and this will also give a chance to those who dropped out from school and they feel embarrassed to go back to school. They can just access the software and teach themselves for exams. The software is sold at K10, 000 kwacha only and it’s available in Blantyre and Lilongwe and has no expiry date. Currently, we have engaged in some other organizations and schools like Zingwangwa in Blantyre and Bwaila secondary school in Lilongwe for others to appreciate the advantages of using Padziwe,” he said.

According to Ntenje, there is a guarantee for the student to pass exams if using this software because they will understand each and everything as it has been illustrated in an extraordinary way. It also contains examination bank in which different past papers are found, scientific calculator, construction of different diagrams like angles and on top of that, it is a syllabus based software.

 “We started developing this software in 2010 and it has taken so long due to financial hiccups but now we are telling people that they can access it, this is magic software and many education experts have recommended that it will bring some changes in as far as education is concerned. We have spent over 5 million kwacha to build this software and they can get the disc by contacting us on 0999555640 to those who are in southern region and those in central and northern region they can call 0884359898 or visit or e-mail:,” he concluded.

Padziwe systems has 10 members who are experts in different fields like Library scientists, social scientists, Ex-teachers and different technicians aiming to achieve imaginations to reality. The subjects which `can be accessed in this software are: English`, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Computer, Bible Knowledge, Life Skills and Mathematics.

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