Poet Yusuf Abubaker, Fifteen Others Drop “Khalid”

Renowned Muslim poet Yusuf Abubaker has featured 15 artists in his new poem titled “Khalid.”

Abubaker told Malawi Muslim Website that the poem is about new born babies.

“On 1st March, 2020 , I released a new poem titled ” Khalid.” The poem is all about advises to all the new born babies,”

“A tree to be called a tree starts from the seedling and a man to be called a man also starts from the young age and that is why we have teamed up to advise the babies in the poem,” he told Malawi Muslim Website.

The artists featured are Alie Yasin, Denis Lifa, Rahim Itimu, Alphiat Kombo, Gift Mlimbika, Amridin Mvula, Mustapher manjawira, Rafiq Said, Muhammad Yasin, Abduhamid khamis,Yahaya Jafar,Felix kamwendo, Ishmael micheal, Abdullah and Basheer Rasheed.

The Lilongwe based poet hailed the content of the poem. According to Abubaker nashid artists have also put their stanzas in the poem.

“This is not just an ordinary poem. The poem is full of cream and everyone is going to like it. The artists who are involved in this project are so talented,”

“Not only poets are in this project, even nasheed artists have also been featured ,” he said.

The production of the poem was sponsored by CGK Music Pro, a company that is geared to promote Muslim artists.

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