Police rescue family in Msundwe

Police in Lilongwe have rescued a family from an angry mob accusing it of practising occult beliefs and witchcraft.

Lilongwe Police Station Foster Benjamin says the rescue operation was carried out on Monday at Msundwe.

Benjamin says the family of Denis Dismess locked itself in their house for a couple of months.

“Dismess, 50, his wife Enele, 50, and two daughters aged 16 and 18, isolated themselves for two months without eating anything save for drinking warm water. The family claimed it was deeply engaged in spiritual meditation waiting for the Rapture. It also claimed that Covid-19 was a sign of 666, which is a mark of the beast,” get says.

According to Benjamin, the family’s strange behavior drew the wrath of the community.

“Police on Monday rushed to rescue the family from a mob that ganged up against it. The police found the family weak and emaciated before taking it Social Welfare Office for food assistance,” he says.

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