Pongolani Masjid Youth in Water Project Fundraising Campaign

The youth of Pongolani Masjid in Ndirande, Blantyre, on Sunday 05 May 2013 conducted a fundraising get-together intended to raise money for water project at their Masjid.

Speaking after the function, the trustee of the youth group Maulidi Pongolani said that the function was aimed at getting funds to connect piped water to the Masjid.

“OurMasjid does not have piped water at the moment; we are relying on water from the nearby well which sometimes goes dry… It is very disappointing that during Jumuah prayers sometimes people miss the prayers just because of lack of enough water. So as the youth, we decided to organize this function as a way of raising some money towards the project,” said Maulidi.

“We would like to show to the Muslim community that the youth are capable of providing solutions to (some of the problems) at their respective Masaajid. (And here at Pongolani) we are doing our part so that the Masjid committee should concentrate in managing other affairs. We have the capacity to help at the Masjid…as we did last year when we managed to bring electricity into the Masjid.”

Speaking at the function, chairman for the organization, Hassan Idrissaexplained that Pongolani Muslim Youth is also involved in other charitable activities, whose funds are sourced from their own fundraising activities.

“We are also currently organizing a trip to cheer the sick atQueen Elizabeth Central Hospital. The money that will be realized from these fundraising functions will be used for both the developmental and charitable projects,” Idrissa said.

Some of the activities that took place at the function include nasheeds, poems and comedies.  Some of the notable artists who performed at the function are; Muhammad Chirimba, Imran Kaisi, Rajab YaseenIssa, Suleiman Saiti, YusufBamusiKhalid  and YamikaniMkumbira .

They are targeting to raise about MK 300,000.00.

Pongolani Masjid is one of the five Jummah Masaajid in Ndirande. Others are Ndirande Main Masjid, Mapoloti Masjid, Al-Huda Masjid and Malabada Masjid.

By Hassan Bhoma Phiri

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