Prominent Christian “Onjezani Kenani” Supports Muslim Billboard

A prominent Christian “Onjezani Kenani” says it was not wrong to erect a billboard advertising the Holy Qur’an that has been removed in Blantyre.

The Islamic Information Bureau (IIB) erected the billboard in the city but the Evangelical Association of Malawi said it had words that would incite violence

But writing on his Facebook page, Kenani says billboard was harmless.

“To me this billboard was entirely harmless. I have read the Holy Quran, have memorized the surah al-fatihah, surah al-ikhlas and others. I found no harm at all reading the book,”

“In any case, this billboard was just an advert. No one was being forced to actually read the Quran. Going as far as forcing the billboard’s removal is an overreaction, and smacks of religious intolerance,” Kenani says.

He says Muslims also read and study the Bible but that never made them Christians.

“I have many Muslim friends who studied Bible Knowledge with us, back in secondary school days. This did not convert them to Christianity, just in the same way as my reading the Holy Quran and memorising some surahs did not convert me to Islam,” he says.

Muslims in the country say it is wrong for the billboard for be removed in the city because Malawi is not a Christian country.

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