QMAM Takes its toll in Fight Against Early Marriages


Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi(QMAM) has advised Chiefs, Religious leaders and other people to take part in the fight against early marriages in the country.

The remarks have been made by the Programs Manager for QMAM, Osman Chunga, during a community mobilization meeting on ending child marriages in the area of Traditional Authority Kasakula in Ntchisi district.

Ha said it is unfortunate that the cases of child marriages continue to rise in the country especially in remote areas hence QMAM desided to take action by organizing the mobilization campaigns.

“Since we started the awareness campaigns, we have managed to rescue 42 girls and boys from marriages out of 72 cases of early marriages that were there, “said Chunga.

In his remarks, Senior Chief Kasakula, appreciated QMAM for sensitizing people in his area on the dangers of early marriages among others.

He said he will make sure the remaining early marriages are also ended so that no child should be in marriage in the area.

“There is still alot to be done to completely end the early marriages but we will not get tired until we end all of them and make sure those rescued should go back to school, ” He said.

Commenting, Ntchisi District Gender Officer, Hannah Kisyombe said with the help of other partners, they are sure that cases of early marriages will end in the district.

“it is not easy to end early marriages but with the help of QMAM and other partners, we have managed to end alot of early marriages and we are sure the vice will be put to an end as the fight continues, ” Kisyombe said.

During the meeting, QMAM awarded Chiefs, the police, the council and religious leaders among others with money worth over 300 thousand Kwacha for doing a great job in making sure early marriages are reduced in the district.