QMAM to Follow the Shura Way of Electing Leaders

Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM) has announced that it will now be using the Islamic way (Shura) of choosing leaders of the association following the successful adoption of their amended constitution.

On December 18, 2021, QMAM had an Annual General Meeting at Simama Hotel in Lilongwe where the new constitution was adopted.

The current chairman and founder of the association Mabotolo Gwedeza confirmed the development in a press statement released on Friday this week.

“I am pleased to inform you all that the new Constitution has been adopted.

According to new constitution the “Shura Committee” will be responsible for conducting Elections and setting out all the procedures,” says Gwedeza in the statement.

The association therefore “is requesting all Qadria Muslim brothers to please send us the nominations of capable, knowledgeable Qadria sheikhs with good track records so that we can consider them while setting up the Shura Committee.”

Among the requirements of becoming the member of the Shura committee, the nominated members are required to send  “last ten years past history of his contribution towards the Qadria faith” besides personal information.

The development comes after the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) also followed Shura method in this year’s elections which saw the re-election of Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad as the National Chairperson for another next ten years following the adoption of the amended constitution in 2017.

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