Radio Islam Clears Katawala, Nepman Single

Ismael Katawala, composed a song with Nepman
Ismael Katawala, composed a song with Nepman

Radio Islam Malawi has cleared the controversial song of Ismail Katawala which featured secular music artist Nepman. The song which is titled Attahiyatu was released in the month of Ramadan and has been enjoying massive airplay on Muslims’ lone radio station.

Speaking to Malawi Muslims website, Radio Islam Station Manager Yusuf Chinyada confirmed that they have cleared the song after it was temporarily suspended from the airwaves by the station’s management.

“We had a meeting, which resolved that it is okay for a non Muslim to feature or sing an Islamic song provided it (contains Islamic content) and is uplifting the religion of Islam. The song can be played on Radio Islam because it is for the Muslims,” said Chinyada.

Katawala confirmed that Nepman is not a Muslim but decided to feature him because he is the one who inspired him to start singing.

“Nepman inspired me into music some time back. His song malipe dance and his voice inspired me to start secular music. I later changed to Islamic nasheeds after also being inspired by Zain Bhika of South Africa. I shared the same stage with Zain Bhika early this year and decided to sing with another person who also inspired me into music, that is why I collaborated with Nepman in order to balance my music background,” he said.

Katawala said he is very happy with the decision by Radio Islam for clearing his song and he says that he did it just to add a special value to the nasheed. He justified that he is the one who composed all the lyrics and that Nepman simply assisted him with the vocals.

“Zain Bhika told us when he came in Malawi in January that some of his backing staff are not Muslims, but he does that so that his songs becomes perfect. However am very excited for being cleared. People love the song but I was insulted by many people for the collaboration. I am thanking management of Radio Islam for their understanding,” he said.

Katawala further said that as artists Muslims should use their talent to invite people to Islam.

The song received mixed reactions soon after it’s release earlier in Ramadan. Others said that Katawala had walked a mile in the nasheed industry in Malawi while others were blaming him for involving the non Muslim in the Islamic song. The song has been recorded at Red Disc studio and has been produced by L Factor.

You can listen to the sample of the song below.

Atahiyatu Song courtesy of Ishmail Katawala

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