Ramadan 2014—Sifting through the behavioral baggage—episode 4

Today’s topic will revolve around the things that can be done and achieved during Ramadan.

As you know, in the northern hemisphere, Ramadan will continue to be in winter until, at least, after 8 years. This then means that a lot of students will continue to fast Ramadan whilst on holiday for some few years to come.

Many a time we (students on holiday/even adults), either struggle to come up with things to accomplish or we come up with a lot of projects which we never accomplish them. If you are a kind of person who has some projects but never execute them as planned then I suggest you have a quick look at the last article.

But for those who are looking for an opinion on what to do in this blessed month then below is a list of things that when done, will have a long-term benefit;

1)     Reading books (preferably, Islamic ones)

2)     Learning a new language (preferably, Arabic)

3)     Revising the Qur’an for those who have great portions on memory

4)     For those who don’t know Arabic language, I would suggest they put a side a time to read Qur’an in a language they understand (they should also consider point number 2). A lot of people who don’t understand Arabic language make a mistake of JUST reciting Qur’an without putting much importance on the meanings.

5)     For non-Huffaz, I would recommend memorising some new portions of the Qur’an

To be frank, the list above shows what I personally think could be helpful in general, but still, therefore, no doubt in it, is a probability of my personal bias upon its selection. Thus, if need be, adding to and/or subtracting from the list of whatever you like is also a good idea . It all depends on your needs.

Until next time; may peace and blessings be upon you.

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