Ramadan 2014—Sifting through the behavioral baggage—episode 9


This episode is the last but one. Having said that, I felt the need to talk about a very important aspect of worship which is constantly being both underperformed and mis-performed.

Taraweeh is supposed to be extraordinary in a way that it should spiritually increase one’s Iman. On the contrary, it has become a burden and a mere play-like ritual to many.

Imams nowadays lead these Taraweeh prayers at a ‘supersonic’ speed. Not only do the Imams recite like a streak of lightning but also recite the shortest verses (yes, verses! Not even smallest chapters) of the Qur’an.

In the area where I reside, I, in search of moderate-paced Quran reciter, have already visited 4 different Masaajid (Mosques) and at the end I only experienced a big disappointment. So, if this is also your experience and you were looking for solutions on how to change and benefit from the blessings of Ramadan, then below are my personal suggestions;

1)      If you are a hafiz or one from your family or group is a hafiz, you should agree about a place/house where you can meet and one who knows better should lead the taraweeh (but if there are more than one good reciters, you can take turns in leading the prayer)

2)      If you are the only one who knows some portions of Qur’an and you happen to be the only one tired of the high-speed Taraweeh version, I suggest you pray at home alone even if it means praying 8 raka’ats (units).

3)      If you don’t know how to recite or you don’t have Qur’an or part of it on memory, then you should make it your business to find out which Masjid (Mosque) has an Imam leading at a moderate and soothing pace.

4)      But suppose it happens that you don’t qualify in all the three points mentioned above, then I suggest you keep on attending the same Mosque with the Imam reciting at a blistering pace. Allah knows your intention and He does not burden a soul above its capability or ability.

Until next episode, May peace of Allah be upon all of you…Wasalaaam



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