Ramadan Is Coming … What Do We Need To Do In Shaban?

Normaly in most countries, when it is announced that we have a month to start fasting, they do not consider the importance of the month in. Sometimes this happens due to strong  consciousness on the prepartion of fasting

I have brought this topic to remind brothers and sisters that of course Allah Taala made this month of fasting the best among all the others, but we also need to consider the signifiicance of the month in which we are. Brothers, this is Sha’ban, the month which ends with the sighting of the fasting moon, Ramadan. Sha’ban has a lot to be done by those who are strongly willing to fast in the month of Ramadan. Among these things, Prophet Muhammad (Swalla Allahu Alaihi Wasallam) said that whoever fasts three days in the month of Shabaan and at the time of if’tar (breaking-fast at sunset) recites 3 times [salawat ‘ala Nnabi] on me, his sins will be forgiven and his provisions will be amplified and on the Day of Judgment he will enter Paradise riding on a heavenly female camel.

Sayiduna Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) that Sayidunna Esa (Jesus Alaihis’salam) passed by a mountain and there he saw a white stone. He started looking at it with awe. Allah revealed his message [wa’hy] on his messenger (alaihis’salaam), “Shall I disclose for you a thing stranger than this” “Surely!” he answered. So then that stone split and from it emerged an old man, with a green walking stick in his hand and pointing to the grapes vines said that I get my sustenance from here. Sayediunna Esa (Alihis’salaam) asked him, “How long have you been busy in worshipping Allah in this stone” The man replied “for 400 years.” Sayidunna Esa (Alaihi’salaam) said to Allah, “I think no one else would have worshipped like him.” Allah revealed, “whoever of the nation [ummah] of My Beloved Prophet (Swall Allahu Alaihi Wasallam) performs 2 cycles [raka’] of prayer on the 15th night of Shabaan is better than this 400 years of worship.” {Nuzhatul Majalis}

Mother of the believers, Sayidatuna A’isha (May Allah be pleased with her) says, I missed the Prophet (Swall Allau Alaihi Wasallam) one night so I went out to al-Baqi’ (graveyard, and found him). He said: “Were you afraid that Allah would wrong” I said: “O Messenger of Allah, I thought that you might have gone to visit one of your [other] wives.” He said: “Allah Glorious and Exalted descends to the nearest heaven on the night of mid-Shabaan (15th night) and He forgives more people than the number of hair on the hides of the flocks and herds of sheep of the tribe of Kalb. {Tirmidhi} It is recorded in books that the tribe of Kalb used to have the most number of sheep in Arabia, but some unfortunate people are still not forgiven on this night when Allah showers His mercy on mankind. Amongst them are 1) those who are habitual drinkers [alcoholics] 2) those who are habitual adulterous 3) those who are disobedient to their parents 4) those who break family ties 5) those who are mischief-spreaders and, 6) those who are back-bitters. In another narration mischief-spreader is replaced with those who make pictures. {Mukashifatul Quloob}. In other narrations those who practice magic, those who eat interest, those who lower their pants below their ankles with pride, those who start a fight between two Muslims, those who bear malice (have hatred for another Muslim) in their hearts without a lawful cause are also not forgiven on this blessed night unless they repent sincerely and also ask for forgiveness from fellow Muslims and make peace.

In a long Hadith, narrated in Ghunyatu-Talibin, the Messenger of Allah said, that is the night of mid-Shabaan (15 night) when Allah Ta’ala arranges the affairs of the year. He transfers [some of] the living to the list of dead, and records those who will make pilgrimage [Hajj] to the House of Allah that year, neither adding one too many nor leaving a single one of them out.”

Once Leader of Believers, Sayidunna Omar bin Abdul Aziz (may Allah be pleased with them) was busy praying extra [na’fl salah/namaz]. He lifted his head and saw a green note, whose light [glow] spread till the sky and it read “This is a note of forgiveness from the Owner Allah Almighty (Exalted is He) to His servant Omar bin Abdul Aziz. (Tafseer Roh-ul-Bayan)

It is recorded from the [Auliya-Allah] to pray 6 cycles of ritual prayer [raka’] after the Maghrib prayer. In the first two raka’ add with the intention that with its blessing extend life with harmony. Next two for the protection from misfortunes and evil, and next two so that may Allah make us dependant on Him and no one else. After every two cycles [raka’] recite 21 times Surah Ikhlas OR once Sura Yasin (chapter 36). Rather read both and gain mounts of rewards and then recite the Supplication of Shabaan (dua’ of Shabaan)

Spend the night, as much as possible, in worship and on the 15th of Shabaan fast. It is written in Anees-ul-Waezeen that whoever fasts on the fifteenth of Shabaan the fire of hell will not touch him.

Since the book of deeds is changed on the 15 night, if it is possible, also fast on the 14th so that the last day of the yearly deed book is spent fasting and the first day is spent fasting.

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