Resign ! Mutharika Tells Chakwera

Former president of Malawi who is also the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  president Professor Arthur  Peter Mutharika (APM) says President Lazarus should resign for his failure to govern the country.

Speaking to journalists at his PAGE House in Mangochi district yesterday ,  the former head of state said the country is suffering from poor visionary leadership that has no solutions to problems Malawians are facing.

“Malawians have lost trust in the current leader and its  leadership, as such we ask the president to come up with a transition government that will provide solutions to the problems the country is facing and go for elections in 90 days,”  said Mutharika

On economy, APM said that it does not make sense to learn that the president has left to attend the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)  when the country  has no forex.

“I demand that the president returns immediately and solve financial difficulties Malawi is in,” said Mutharika.

The DPP leader also said the hunger situation is likely to worsen next year with the way Affordable Input Program (AIP)  is being managed calling it a total failure.

On his party’s governance issues,  Mutharika said it is normal to have in house conflicts once the party is out of government and has since said 99 percent  of Malawians have confidence in DPP than the current government.

Political experts have advised the former ruling DPP to solve its internal conflicts if it needs to win the next 2025 general elections. The experts say lack of stable leadership in the party has disastrous impact on its plan to govern again.

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