Sheikh Abdul Rahman Ajjassie Backs Chakwera UNGA Trip

Muslim leader Sheikh Shaibu Abdul Rahman Ajassie who is the Board Chairperson of Forum for Democracy and Rights Defenders (FDRD) has congratulated Malawi President Dr Lazarus Chakwera for his ‘successful’ United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) trip in the United States of America (USA) .

According to Ajassie , Chakwera’s trip to UNGA was a success as he managed to tap into lucrative opportunities such as signing of the 2nd Millennium Challenge Account Compact with the Government of the USA worth over MK 350 Billion.
Sheikh Ajassie adds that Chakwera’s UNGA trip saw him convincing potential investors who are ready to unlock economic opportunities that will benefit Malawians.

FDRD Board Chairperson has hit at people who are claiming that the president’s travel was a waste of resources. Some people in the country were against Chakwera overstay in the USA after the 77th Session of United Nations General Assembly.

The Malawi leader overstayed in the US to lobby for initiatives aimed at boosting the country’s economy , according to media reports. Among others, after the UNGA session, the president witnessed the signing of the Malawi Transport and Land Compact that will be implemented to reduce transport costs and strengthen land administration in the country.

According to Chakwera, Among the expected outcomes of the compact is construction of the 300-kilometre network of four corridor roads across the country to facilitate greater flow of agricultural products from farms to urban markets.

“Furthermore, state agencies with the mandate to supervise road infrastructure will also receive technical assistance to improve usability of the infrastructure through timely maintenance,” he said.

Chakwera added, “Secondly, the compact will build Malawi’s capacity in land management reforms to maximise land revenue both for rural farmers and the country.”

Yesterday, the Malawi leader met with His Royal Highness of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Chakwera said the meeting with the Arabian country was mainly on numerous opportunities for investment in Malawi’s energy, agriculture, finance and transport sectors.

The president with his entourage is expected to return back home today through Kamuzu International Airport in Malawi’s Capital, Lilongwe.

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