Sheikh Chabulika Denies of Being ‘Bribed’, Confirms his Attendance at the Meeting

Chabulika: I did not get the money

Islamic Information Bureau National Coordinator Sheikh Dinaar Chabulika who is also Executive member of Muslim Association of Malawi(MAM) has refuted allegations that he was among the people who received money from Professor Peter Mutharika but confirmed his attendance at the meeting.

Sheikh Dinaar told Malawi Muslims Official Website on Tuesday that he did not even know that there was ‘hand-outs’ as he came out early running for his daily Ramadan program at Radio Islam which starts at 18:30 every day throughout the month of Ramadan.

“People who are speculating this just want to tarnish my image. In fact, I was the first one to come out of the meeting followed by Biton Ajawa because I was rushing to my daily Mafunso ndi Mayankho (Questions and Answers)  program which I do at Radio Islam during this blessed month of Ramadan. I did not even take Iftaar there. This is bad indeed because as long as someone is a trustee and executive member is being suspected to have received the money,” said Chabulika.

The Sheikh further blamed people who speculate this saying they just want to sour the relationship between him and Professior Peter Mutharika considering that he is also a Board chair of National Library Services (NLS).

Muslims in Malawi are accusing some Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) trustees and executive members of receiving bribes from Professor Peter Mutharika, a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) torchbearer for 2014 general elections.

 National Zakaat Fund national chairman, Biton Ajawa who is also one of the executive members (who also attended the meeting but walked out) on Saturday told reporters in Blantyre that some MAM executive members and trustees on Thursday evening received K50, 000 each from Professor Peter Mutharika as one way of lobbying the Muslim community to support his 2014 presidential bid the thing that brought anger to the Muslim community with some saying the organisation has no mandate to force the all community to follow the political party they do not like.

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