Sheikh Idriss Muhammad Slams MAM, “There is no Transparency and Accountability in MAM,” he claims.

Sheikh Idriss Muhammad, one of the hot contenders of the upcoming Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) leadership race, yesterday slammed current MAM leadership saying it lacks good governance and accountability.

In an exclusive interview with, Sheikh Muhammad said many Muslims asked him to contest in order to end atrocities that are going on in MAM organisation.

“People want a change in MAM organization and when they sat down, they found that I am the only right person to do that, so I had to accept,” he said.

Sheikh Muhammad said people have been concerned with the lack of good governance in the organization and he went on giving out  some of the examples which proves its untrustworthiness.

“There is no transparency and accountability in MAM. I am not just talking, but I am an executive member also and I know what is going on,” he added.

“MAM has been receiving money from different donors, in Malawi and outside but look at their office, it is just like a toilet,” he said.

“And if MAM has a car today, it is the one from National Aids Commission. They received 32 million kwacha, where they took a portion to buy that car and I am telling you, there is no any program they can tell that they have done with the remaining money; instead, someone has built a house comprising of 18 rooms and a cottage worth 22 million kwacha. As a result, they have lost a lot of donors due to lack of trustworthy.

So, I want to change this and I do not care whether somebody will lose his job or not because what I need is transparency and accountability,” he added.

When asked what other new things Malawian Muslims should expect from him, Sheikh Idriss said:

“What I will do is to encourage people to pay zakaah and be self reliant because whether somebody agree with it or not, we Malawian Muslims we are fond of begging as if we can not stand on our own. Right now, I am involved in Zakaah programs and I have seen that we can really afford.

We have to do our own part first and donors should come second,” he said.

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