Sheikh Kanyamula Finally Laid to Rest


Sheikh Yusuf Muhammad Kanyamula has been laid to rest.

The 73-year-old who is best known for being influential daee after translating different books including Holy Quran into Chichewa language, passed away at his residence in Liwonde, Machinga on Monday and his funeral took place Tuesday at his home village Kwera T/A Malomo in Ntchisi district.

The Sheikh- who reverted to Islam in 1985, died of heart attack and  his funeral service was attended by friends and family including prominent sheikhs and politicians.

Muslim Association of Malawi ( MAM ) National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad led the delegation of the dignitaries that attended the function.

In his remarks the chairman said he was very saddened with the sudden death of his predecessor Sheikh Kanyamula.

“He is an exceptional man. The Muslim community has lost an important person. We will miss him so much and I just ask Allah to give him janatu fil daus,” he said.

Conspicuously missing at the funeral are his very close friends of Asian origin.

With the public holiday, people expected some of his friends of Asian origin to come and pay last respect to the gone father, unfortunately no one showed up.

Sheikh Kanyamula is survived by 5 children and 23 grandchildren.

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