Nikah, according to Islamic law is known as a bi-lateral contract (aqd) proposed by the woman and accepted by the man. That is why a bridegroom always says an ‘acceptance speech’ after being offered the bride by her father during the Nikah officiation. However, for this Nikah to be strong enough there supposed to be mutual love between parties as Allah says, in the Suratur Rum, 30:21:

“…And among His signs is that He creates for you mates of your kind and causes love and tenderness between you, so you find peace in each other, Indeed in this is a message for people who reflect…”

However, it is now sad to see that our daughters, brothers or sisters are swimming in the ocean of singleness-not that they do not want to marry or be married, but they are not getting that chance to find a right partner.

Below is a compilation of some of the spiritual tips of which if can be followed, will help us to get happily married, Insha Allah.


  1. Suratul Taha.
  2. Recite Suratul Ahzab
  3. Recite Suratul Mumtahana 5 times every day.
  4. Recite ayah 36 of Suratu Yasin 11 times after Salatul Tahajjud for 40 days
  5. Recite Dua Al-Mashlool for 40 days
  6. Recite the following dua after giving sadaqa


“O Causer of Causes; O He Who opens the doors of (opportunities); O He Who answers to the call from wherever (He is called).”

7. Recite the following Dua 100 times for 40 days after any Wajib salaah:

“Make easy (my difficulty) by Your super-abundant favours, O the Mighty.”

8. The father to recite 2 rakaat salaah on Friday after Salatul Jumua’ and after the salaam go into Sajda and recite Suratul Muzzammil 21 times.

    Allah willing, you will identify a right partner through the Islamically acceptable channels.

    In the next article, I will talk about how we should prepare for the Nikah.

    May Allah bless you all.


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